ZEN Monchhichis


Hello we both live in Japan. We wear traditional japanese festival clothes called "Omatsuri". "Omatsuri" means "festival".


 I wear a towel on the head, which is called "Hachimaki". Mostly male clothes are equipped with a "Hachimaki" during a festival. It is twisted around the head.


I wear a dumpling of three colours in my headband.



The signs on the black dress means "Monchhichi shrine".


The yellow bag is a traditional custom. The black signs mean "care of fire".


Our hobby is to care about our ZEN-garden


Sometimes we celebrate a Night of Zen


We love to visit the sea in the evening.

Note from Heike :

As I am from Germany I donīt know very much of the japanese culture, but I am very interested in. So I am always glad to get the information about the background of Monchhichis which wear special clothes like the Zen Monchhichis. Therefore I want to thank Chikako and the manufacturer Sekiguchi for their informations they have given to me about the clothes.


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