Globetrotter Diary
                                Monchhichis are globetrotters  


Monchhichis love to travel around the world.
Let's have a look where they have been.

Germany, Munich

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Munich, Hotel                                          Munich, Schloss Nymphenburg

Austria, Leutaschklamm


France, Paris


USA, Colorado






Lotta in Japan

Emily in Japan

Emily in Japan (2011-today)

Emily exchanges her living place since 2011
with Cherry who is the Monchhichi girl from my friend Kaoru
who lives in Japan.
This is Emily's blog about her stay in Japan.
Here you can see which spots Emily visited in Japan.

Lotta in Japan(2004-2006)

I exchanged one of my Monchhichi girls(Lotta)
with a Monchhichi boy(Maron)
from my friend Hiromi who lives in Japan.
This is the Monchhichi exchange page of Lotta and Maron.
Here you can see which spots Lotta visited in Japan.

Japan, Hakone

JApan, Kamakura

Japan, kobe

Japan, Kyoto

Japan, Odawara


Japan, Yokohama

                       Yokohama, Chinatown

Yokohama, Chinatown be continued


Copyright of the Monchhichi photos by Heike Andrea Grote. .
Monchhichi photos in Japan used with friendly permission of my friend Hiromi san. 
You are not allowed to copy or publish them. Thank you.


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