My Sarah Kay Treasury

Poppy and Dylan exchange their collector cards of their favourite artist Sarah Kay.
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My Sarah Kay Vintage Sticker Album

Sarah Kays paintings of children are always so lovely and romatic.
I like her kind of style so much. I collect pictures of Sarah Kay since 1980.
In that year I bought a lot of Panini-stickers, but I didnt had the right sticker album.
Some years ago I discovered a Sarah Kay Sticker Album at ebay.
Well, this album was from Figurine Panini and full with the complete 144 stickers of Sarah Kay of 1980.
I took part at the auction regarding this album and Ive won the auction!
What a great luck. So now I own this wonderful album now.

My Sarah Kay Postcards

Some years ago I found about 20 postcards plus envelope with Sarah Kay paintings in a post-office.
During the following weeks I bought really all of the 50postcards of this special collection.
Those postcards are great,because they are bigger than small album stickers.

My Sarah Kay Stickers

I keep my vintage Sarah Kay stickers out of the 80s and my new Sarah Kay stickers together in a nice box with flowers.
I could not overcome myself to stick them on a paper or so. They are my treasure!

My Sarah Kay Stamps
I am wild about stamps!
Since years I love to collect rubber and clear stamps for using them at any kind of paper like
 letters, scrapbookalbums and so on.
I was very excited when I discovered clears stamps of Sarah Kay some years ago at a creative fail.
After that I try to buy the whole collection of those stamps.
I am super happy to have a lot of those Sarah Kay stamps now.

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