Monchhichi Books

Monchhichi Picture Book, 1997
Monchhichi Club, 1997

I love Monchhichi, 2004
Monchhichi World Collections, 2005

Monchhichi Friendship Book, 2006
Monchhichi e-Mook, 2011
Monchhichi Calendar 2012

Monchhichi Picture Book

This is a storybook about a Monchhichi adventure.
By Sekiguchi 1997

Monchhichi Club

This was my first Monchhichi book. It is a real Monchhichi-Encyclopedia.
I absolute feel enthusiastic when I hold it in my hands.
If you ever have the possibility to buy it, buy that book!!!
Unfortunately it is written in japanese language.
So, all you japanese folks should be very lucky, that you understand all the words.
By Kodansha 1997.

I love Monchhichi

It is a book which contains many many tutorials about
handmade Monchhichi clothes and accessories.
By Sekiguchi 2004.


Monchhichi World Collections

This is the next generation Collectors book.
Here you can really find everything about Monchhichis.
By Jenna 2005.

 Monchhichi Friendship Book

This is a very cute Monchhichi Friendship Book from 2006.
The sheets are removable. 

Monchhichi e-Mook

This is a book which was published in 2011.
It came together with cute Monchhichi presents,

like a purse, a mirror and a  bag.

Monchhichi Calendar 2012

It is a super cute Monchhichi themed calendar.



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