Pen Pal 


I like to write letters to a good friend. Therefore I´m always searching for female penfriends from all over the world. 
Take a look at the page My Person, to get to know more about me.
 I would be happy, to correspond with you and thereby come to know more
about your life, your culture and your land and anyhow to let you participate in my life.

I like to send my letters  by using the computer.
I prefer the snail-mail, because I like to write my letters with nice stationery, which I buy or create by myself.

But I am always glad to send and to get a message via E-mail between the letters.

 I have a lot of fun to collect cute items for my penfriend.
Therefore I am always searching for women, who are happy to get a letter in a lovely package
with cute goodies from me and I am hoping to get the same.
I love to exchange goodies like Monchhichi items;
everything from the kawaii characters
Hello Kitty, 
Charmmy Kitty, Rilakkuma, Kutsushita Nyankon, Kireizukin, Fairy Tale World,  Café Café and Sentimental Circus;
rubber stamps, stickers, stationery, photos, postcards and notebooks  

I hope that I have awake your interest in a pen pal-friendship with me 

and now I´m looking forward and be excited to receive your

with your postal-address. Be sure, I´ll write back soon.

Copyright of the Monchhichi photos by Heike Andrea Grote. 
You are not allowed to copy or publish them.
Thank you.