My Person


Hi, my name is Heike.
I am happily married to my best friend
whom I know since I was 17.
I live in Germany. 
Im interested in many subjects
and Im always glad to use the internet for new input.

I am a winter girl and a december child  who loves to be surprised about the ways life could open,
doll lover, a glowing Monchhichi and Blythe collector, a cosmopolitan, an enthusiast, an idealist,
an everyday picture taker, an artist, a kawaii adorer.

May be you can get to know me better
through reading my interests:



        I like to read books from different authors 
and could spent hours in bookstores searching for exciting publications. 
        I began a booklist on my homepage, where you could watch,
which books Ive already read
If you are interested in the books I've read,
please visit my webpage Heike's Booklist.



I paint and draw, create collages from photos and paintings.
I love to write with calligraphy
I have a lot of fun to visit museums,
above all museums with modern art.
While I walk through a museum I take photos
or I film the art.
So I have a nice souvenir from the exhibition. You may visit my page Heike makes Art.



Ive learned to play different instruments
and even like to hear and watch music.
If you like to watch more about interesting music,
you may click on my Music Page.

Computer and Multimedia

I am excited to use my computer
for my hobbies and to create my homepage.

I am always interested in new multimedia web applications.

I am a member in different communities
and love to travel though the internet to get to know new influences.




I always enjoy to take photos in every situation of live.
Above all I love to photograph my Monchhichis and Blythe Dolls.
I have great fun to create scrapbooks and photoalbums with my photos.
If you are interested in my photos I want to invite you to visit my Photo Page.

Movies and Series

It gives me great pleasure to view movies.
Movies I like are for example: 
        Amlie, The Birdcage, Pretty Woman, Romuald et Juliette,

Frankie and Johnny, Lost in Translation,

The big Lebowski,The Royal Tenenbaums, The Darjeeling Limited, 

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.

 The TV-Series I like most are
Northern Exposure, M.A.S.H., Friends, the Big Bang Theory, Modern Family
and the british comedy serie Absolutely Fabulous.
Since years I have a lot of fun to collect movies and TV series at DVD. 



I collect Monchhichis since I was 11 years. My first Monchhichi (which I still own)
was a girl. My friends and I took our Monchhichis to school.
The whole day the sat on our schooldesks.
Here in Germany they are very rare to find.
I do not buy every new Monchhichi, but only those ones whom I find cute.
I love to put my Monchhichis in layouts and take photos of them,
which you can watch at
Heike's World of Monchhichi.