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Monchhichi Boutique 2012
Monchhichi Boutique 2000
Monchhichi Boutique about 1978

My Monchhichi Boutique
As far as I know Sekiguchi does not often offer Monchhichi clothes separately.
In the 1970's there exist a wide variety of different dresses,
which were offered from Sekiguchi in Germany.
Nowadays many Monchhichi lovers knit or sew Monchhichi clothes by themselves. 
Under the category "My Monchhichi Boutique" I want to show you
those wonderful examples of the Monchhichi lovers creativity
which found the way in my collection:

Monchhichi hoodie jacket


Many thanks Cendrine for this cute jacket.

Flower Power Girl 


This outfit is designed by me.
I changed the original Sekiguchi clothes into a Flower Power Girl outfit.

Indian Girl

I had a lot of fun to sew the dress of the Indian Girl

Indian Boy


I sewed the clothes for the Indian Boy years ago. :o)

Heart Monchhichi

I took the hoodie jacket and the trouser from different doll outfits
and changed them for the size of the Monchhichi girl.

Girl in Pink

I turned up and sew a doll dress. 

Polka dot Girl

If you want to watch more unique outfits you may click at Customized Monchhichis.

Monchhichi Boutique 2012 

These are the outfits which Sekiguchi offered in 2012 in europe.







Monchhichi Boutique 2000 

These are the outfits which Sekiguchi offered in 2000 in europe.


1.Knitting Wear Boy




2.Sporty Wear Boy



3.Training Wear Boy



4.Knitting Wear Girl



5.Country Dress Girl



6.Blue Dress Girl



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