Dear Monchhichi-fan,

In this page Ive collected a lot of Monchhichi Pictures.
Some of the Monchhichis are from the beginning of the production in 1974
and some of them are brand new.I dont sort them regarding their age, but in relation to different themes.
They are taken from different websites.
Therefore you may watch my
Copyright-Paragraph or Copyright-Page.
If you have any questions about Monchhichis or just want to talk about them

Im always happy to hear from you via e-mail : .



And now pictures, pictures, pictures...


A. Special Series

01. Animals 1 + Animals 2

02. Insects

03. Fruits

04. Clowns

05. Swimming

06. Plush

07. Boys

08. Santa 2000


B. Doubles and Triples

01. Asian

02. Hawaian

03. Rain

04. Replica 2000

05. Astronauts

06. Hippies

07. Girl and Boy

08. Sleeping Beauties

09. Monster

10. The Three Nature Boys


C. Wedding


D. Single Monchhichis

01. Sporty

02. Sports Set

03. Leisure Time

04. Business


E. Monchhichis with Knitting Clothes

 F. Big

G. Little

H. Babies

I. Grandparents

J. Friends

K. Birthday-Party

L. Keychains


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